Inferi’s Sam Schneider releases a slam cover of Dr Dre

Forget about the original “Forget about Dre”—this version’s much louder.

“Forget about Dre,” the 2000 hit from Dr Dre that introduced Eminem to the world, isn’t the first song that springs to mind when you think of slam metal. But Inferi vocalist Sam Schneider has proved that turn-of-the-millennium hip hop can go full-on rock with his newly released cover of the track.

Featuring vocals, instrumentation and production by Schneider himself, the cover’s been released under his Sammy SlamDance pseudonym. And it pretty much delivers on the name. It’s full slam, full volume.

If this is how you like your metal, chances are you’ll be feeling this take much more than the original. Stream the track here—and don’t forget to get your ears around Inferi’s new album, Revenant, too.


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