In Hearts Wake tap Polaris’ Jamie Hails for “Hellbringer”

See Hails turn into a werewolf in the music video.

In Hearts Wake have recruited Jamie Hails of fellow Australian heavyweights Polaris for “Hellbringer,” the new single from their upcoming album, Kaliyuga.

The playful music video for the collaboration finds In Hearts Wake performing in a warehouse, picketed by anti-metal zealots, for a flagging livestream. Hails arrives to help fire things up—though it’s the “time of the month” for him, which means a transformation into a werewolf.

The lyrics of “Hellbringer” take aim at picketers trying to protect the world from the so-called ‘devil’s music.’ As vocalist Jake Taylor explained, “At some of our American shows extremist groups have picketed outside, telling our fans that they’re ‘going to hell.’ If only they knew just how positive the energy inside the venue was! Never judge a book by its cover.


“So rather than fight hate with hate, we decided to have some fun and lean into the metal stereotype. In 2020 with livestreams becoming the new norm, we decided to stage our own hell-bent circus. We thought it would be funny to ask Jamie to dress up as a werewolf, turn me into a vampire and rain blood on the entire band. Guess Halloween came early this year. Thank you Blade.”

In Hearts Wake went green when recording their fifth studio album, Kaliyuga. The band offset the carbon emissions needed to make the record by buying carbon credits in Western Australia’s Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, and ensured that all physical releases of the album will be plastic-free and utilize recycled material.

Kaliyuga will be released on August 7 via UNFD and Rise Records. Watch the video for “Hellbringer” here:


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