Imonolith’s new headbanging track “The Reign” is here

The Canadian metal outfit show off an even heavier side.

After sharing a snippet of the track “The Reign,” on Facebook last month, Imonolith have finally dropped the song in full. And as you’d expect from the preview, it’s a sweaty, rowdy moshpit-filling tune.

The heavy metal track screams in your face from the get-go with guitar solos, aggressive beats and Jon Howard’s ear-piercing wailing. But despite its fist-slamming tune, the song actually carries a pretty thoughtful message.

“‘The Reign’ is about how society can negatively influence the mass majority. Life is all about living it your own way and not trying to be someone you’re not. Be yourself,” the band said about the track.


The band are due to release their debut studio album later this year. But for now, listen to “The Reign” below:

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