Imonolith tease new song, “Breathe”

The band label it as a “moodier yet uplifting tune.”

Imonolith are busy gearing up for their first studio album that’s due to drop later this year. And in anticipation of their big debut, the band have just released a preview of their demo track, “Breathe.”

Compared to their earlier material, which channels chaos and noise, “Breathe” hears the band scaling back on the screaming vocals, heavy chugging riffs and thundering drums to produce a track that’s easier on the ears.

“Now that you’ve heard one of the heavier sides to the Imonolith sound, it’s time to give you a sample of Imonolith’s more melodic side,” the band wrote on Facebook. “[It’s] a moodier yet uplifting tune.”


Listen to it here:

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