Immortal Bird come alive on “Vestigial Warnings”

‘Thrive on Neglect’ arrives in July.

Chicago outfit Immortal Bird have dropped their new single, “Vestigial Warnings.”

Aggressive and whirling, the track pushes the band’s signature blackened death metal to new extremes. “This was the first full song we wrote together as our current configuration, and we’ve been playing it together for almost two years,” frontwoman Rae Amitay said in a press release. “Finally having it recorded and released feels like a significant step. Lyrically, this one is more ‘political’ than the rest of the material on the album.”

“Vestigial Warnings” is the second single from their forthcoming album, Thrive on Neglect, following “Anger Breeds Contempt.”


Listen to “Vestigial Warnings” below:

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