Hymn release searing four-track album, ‘Breach Us’

Thirty-eight minutes of pure sludge metal goodness.

Norwegian sludge metal duo Hymn have shared their new sophomore album, Breach Us.

The four-track project is a follow-up to their 2017 debut record Perish, and finds singer/guitarist Ole Ulvik Rokseth and drummer Markus Støle still in good form. In just under 38 minutes, the pair unleash utter chaos and destruction.

Breach Us opens with the menacing title track and closes out with “Can I Carry You,” a glorious 14-minute number that features guest vocals from Guro Moe of noise-rockers MoE. “Exit Through Fire,” a song Hymn released in July, also appears on the album.


According to a press statement, Rokseth and Støle recorded the album at Olso’s Amper Tone Studios over two days. “Our goal at Amper Tone Studio was to set things up basically as we do on live shows,” the band said.

“We don’t want to record anything that we can’t perform live, but of course, we always get inspired during the recording process and ‘shit happens.’ That is what makes this band special to us; with only two people there is always room for quick turnarounds and improvisation.”

Stream Breach Us below:


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