Hear two new songs by Portland goth metal outfit Idle Hands

“It Doesn’t Really Matter” and “Puppy Love” are out now.

Portland goth metal outfit Idle Hands have released two new tracks, “It Doesn’t Really Matter” and “Puppy Love.”

The lyrically bleak yet sonically infectious new tracks were originally written in 2017, the same time as the other songs on the band’s 2018 EP Don’t Waste Your Time. As such, they’re collected in a release titled Don’t Waste Your Time II.

Idle Hands broke out last year with their debut album, Mana, and toured North America with their heroes King Diamond. The group was due to tour North America earlier this year under the banner of long-running metal publication Decibel Magazine, but it was cut short by the pandemic. In March, Idle Hands said they were “heading home… to work on album two.”

While you wait for more more details on that album, stream Idle Hands’ new songs below:



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