Hear Thou’s new album of Nirvana covers

‘Blessings of the Highest Order’ is out now.

American sludge metal band Thou have surprise-released Blessings of the Highest Order, an album of 16 Nirvana covers.

The LP wades through the grunge icons’ storied catalog, touching on fan favorites such as “Aneurysm” and “School” whilst paying respects to Nevermind classics “In Bloom” and “Territorial Pissings.” Some of these covers have been available prior to Blessings’ release, but this is the first time Thou have collected all of them in album form.

“There was a weird, sort of organic, longstanding tradition we had where any time [record label] Robotic Empire put out a record for us we’d have to have a Nirvana cover on it,” vocalist Bryan Funck told Metal Storm last year. “I think it happened once and then it happened again some kind of way, so we were like, ‘Well, from now on, this is the standard.’”


Prior to the release of Blessings of the Highest Order, Thou’s last album was 2018’s Magus. Hear the band take on Nirvana below:

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