Hear Testament’s new song, “Children of the Next Level”

A good, thrashy romp.

Testament have released “Children of the Next Level,” another thrashy romp from their upcoming album, Titans of Creation.

In a 2019 interview with the radio station WSOU, Testament singer Chuck Billy had singled out “Children of the Next Level” as an album cut that “really came together musically, and came together lyrically.” The song also highlights the clean and more melodic side of Billy’s vocals.

Both “Children of the Next Level” and previous single “Night of the Witch” will feature on Titans of Creation. The record, which is Testament’s 13th studio full-length, is out April 3 on Nuclear Blast. It comes four years after the Berkeley band’s last record, Brotherhood of the Snake.


Hear “Children of the Next Level” below:

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