Hear System of a Down’s Serj Tankian collab with a violinist

He sings on “The Rough Dog” with Ara Malikian.

The world might be waiting for System of a Down to put out a new album, but it’s clear the band members aren’t resting on their laurels. Case in point: “The Rough Dog,” a collaboration between frontman Serj Tankian and violinist Ara Malikian.

Tankian and Malikian, both musicians born to Armenian families in Lebanon, are in fine form on the folk-metal track. The SOAD singer matches his signature rapid-fire vocals to Malikian’s frenetic bowing, later transitioning into a more drawn-out and dramatic delivery. All this makes, as Tankian himself said, for a “totally whacky fun track.”

“The Rough Dog” will appear on Malikian’s forthcoming album, Royal Garage. Hear the song below:


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