Hear Serj Tankian’s “Elasticity,” originally written for System of a Down

The title track of the SOAD vocalist’s new EP.

System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian has shared the title track from his upcoming solo EP Elasticity, which comprises songs initially written for SOAD.

In true Tankian fashion, “Elasticity” blends roaring guitars with operatic vocals. The track arrived with a striking music video, directed by Vlad Kaptur, depicting a seemingly endless row of people waiting in line. Things take a turn for the bizarre when the lead character unveils an animated tattoo of Tankian on her arm and loses her place in the line, leading to a number of altercations.

“When I conceived possibly doing another record with the guys from System of a Down a few years back, I started working on a set of songs that I arranged in rock format for that purpose,” Tankian said in a statement. “As we weren’t able to see eye to eye on the vision going forward with an SOAD album, I decided to release these songs under my moniker.”


Astute System of a Down fans might notice that Tankian’s solo EP title references the band’s 2001 sophomore album Toxicity. The five-track EP will be Tankian’s first major solo release since 2013’s Orca Symphony No 1.

In 2020, System of a Down released their first new music in 15 years, the two singles “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz.” They premiered a video for the latter track at the end of last month.

Elasticity will arrive on March 19 via Alchemy Records and BMG. Watch the video for the title track here:


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