Hear Mötley Crüe cover “Like a Virgin” by Madonna

For the soundtrack of ‘The Dirt,’ the band’s forthcoming Netflix biopic.

Eighties metal legends Mötley Crüe have unveiled their take on Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” The unlikely cover will feature on the soundtrack of the band’s new biopic, The Dirt, due out on Netflix this month.

Transposed to a minor key, the cover also features a half-time chorus, giving the track a darker and sludgier feel, much more in keeping with the Mötley Crüe sound.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, drummer Tommy Lee explained his love for the cover: “When it drops down into half-time, it gets so heavy. This is right up our alley and sort of ironic that Vince [Neil] is singing ‘Like a Virgin,’ which is not even close. Or for that matter of fact, all of us.”


Mötley Crüe previously released “The Dirt (Est 1981),” featuring Machine Gun Kelly, from The Dirt’s soundtrack. The OST arrives this Friday, the same day as the biopic.

Listen to their cover of “Like a Virgin” below:

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