Hear Machine Head’s new song, “My Hands Are Empty”

Featuring the return of founding guitarist Logan Mader.

Machine Head have released their new single “My Hands Are Empty.”

The track features founding guitarist Logan Mader for the first time in over two decades. Mader left the group in the ’90s to pursue other creative endeavours and only returned last year for Machine Head’s 25th anniversary tour. That’s when vocalist Robb Flynn had asked Mader to collaborate on “My Hands Are Empty,” according to a press statement.

“[Mader] was excited to collaborate. I sent him the song and the next day he sent me back the heavy riff in the bridge and I was floored. It fit perfectly, and felt really cool to be writing together 24 years later,” Flynn said.


“My Hands Are Empty” dropped alongside a dramatic video featuring clips of Flynn in chains, interspersed with shots of demonic masked figures striding across arid landscapes. It’s an apt visual for the song, which deals with themes of addiction, loss and mental health.

“I have some family members who have beaten their opioid addiction, and have some still in the throes of addiction,” Flynn revealed in the statement. “It is painful to watch, and I deal with it with great difficulty. It is a song of sadness, but there is hope as well. I have beaten my own drug addictions and we can fight through this, together, and share our pain with the world.”

It’s not yet confirmed if “My Hands Are Empty” will be part of a bigger Machine Head project in the pipeline. Earlier this year, the heavy metallers released the singles “Circle the Drain,” “Stop the Bleeding” and “Bulletproof.” Their last album, Catharsis, arrived in 2018.


Listen to “My Hands Are Empty” here:

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