Hear Krallice’s surprise new album, ‘Mass Cathexis’

An unexpected release from the New York black metal band.

New York experimental metal outfit Krallice have surprise-released their third album, Mass Cathexis.

The band’s new LP follows their two 2017 albums Go Be Forgotten and Loüm, and also features the return of Neurosis member Dave Edwardson, who provided vocals on the latter.

Krallice recorded the instrumentals for Mass Cathexis at New York’s Menegroth studio between 2019 and 2020. Meanwhile, Edwardson recorded the vocals separately with Dystopia guitarist Matt Parrillo last month.

“With Krallice, we were not trying to put anything, any sort of markers on it that might label it as like: ‘Oh, this is super art,’ or whatever,” bassist Nick McMaster told Machine Music earlier this year about the band’s musical direction. “It really was just songs, you know? I will say that with Krallice there was an absolute disinterest in projecting that sort of primal ‘oh there’s some other extra musical quality’ to the narrative.”


Mass Cathexis includes the previously released song, “The Wheel.” Stream the album in full here:


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