Hear Infant Island’s crushing new song, “Content”

From their sophomore album, ‘Beneath.’

Virginia screamo outfit Infant Island have released a heavy new track, “Content.”

The punishing sonics of “Content” make it a fitting vehicle for the group’s deep sense of futility and struggle. A trio of vocalists—lead singer Daniel Kost, guest Logan Rivera (of the band Gillian Carter) and guitarist Alexander Rudenshiold—take turns, with Rudenshiold ending on a poignant note: “It should go, without saying, that to give a shit is worth more than a thousand thoughts, or prayers, or words—or any fucking other thing.”

The song previews their sophomore album, Beneath, due out May 15 on Dog Knights Productions. The release follows their April EP Sepulcher and 2018 self-titled album.

Listen to “Content” here:



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