Hear Full of Hell, HEALTH’s intense new collaboration

It’s appropriately titled “Full of Health.”

Grindcore band Full of Hell and industrial trio HEALTH have collaborated on a new song appropriately titled “Full of Health.”

The pairing are a brutal match made in noise music heaven, and their raw two-minute track is over before you know it. The track arrived with a visual treatment by Zev Deans featuring dog-truck hybrids unloading mountains of skulls behind barbed wire.

Per Revolver, HEALTH issued a succinct statement on the collaboration: “COVID-19 bad. Music good.” The track will be released on a collaborative 7-inch with the B-side “Untitled,” which will begin shipping in late August.

Last month, Full of Hell contributed the song “Language of Molting Cherubs” to the Adult Swim Singles program. The band released their last album, Weeping Choir, in 2019. Last year, HEALTH released the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto Online: Arena War and the studio album Vol 4:: Slaves of Fear.


Both bands have a history of collaboration: Last year Full of Hell vocalist Dylan Walker formed the band Sightless Pit with Lingua Ignota and The Body drummer Lee Buford, while HEALTH have released songs with JPEGMAFIA and Soccer Mommy.

Watch the video for “Full of Health” below:


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