Hear Emma Ruth Rundle, Thou cover The Cranberries

A rendition of “Hollywood” from their ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ sessions.

Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou have unveiled a visceral cover of The Cranberries’ “Hollywood,” from a new EP that follows their joint album May Our Chambers Be Full.

The EP, titled The Helm of Sorrow, collects a handful of B-sides that were left off Rundle and Thou’s collaborative album, which was released in October. All four songs were recorded during the same sessions as the album and were previously available in the May Our Chambers Be Full ‘diehard’ edition.

Rundle takes advantage of the song’s ’90s grunge melody to usher in massive choruses that pit her powerful vocals against Thou singer Bryan Funck’s terrifying screams. The cover of “Hollywood” was accompanied by a separate new visual directed by Thou bassist Mitch Wells, “Elysian Fields.” It features breathy vocals from Rundle and a run of closely captured textures ranging from dress fabric to a patterned lantern.


The Helm of Sorrow will arrive on January 15 via Sacred Bones. Besides the EP, fans can also look forward to new solo material from Rundle next year. Last week, she announced on Instagram that she has entered the studio with returning producer Sonny Diperri to record “a very stripped down solo album” for release via Sargent House in 2021.

Listen to “Hollywood” below:


And watch “Elysian Fields” here:

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