Hear “Dignity,” Opeth’s latest song from ‘In Cauda Venenum’

A Swedish version, “Svekets Prins,” was also recorded.

Opeth have released “Dignity,” a new song from their forthcoming record, In Cauda Venenum.

The prog rockers recorded the album in both English and Swedish, and as such “Dignity” arrived with its Swedish counterpart, “Svekets Prins.” The song covers a lot of ground over six and a half minutes, from its opening war cries to ominous, crackling dialogue to headbang-worthy riffs and proggy solos.

“Dignity” is the second song on the tracklist of In Cauda Venenum, and precedes “Heart in Hand,” which was released last month. The ten-track record arrives in full on September 27.


Stream both versions of Opeth’s new song below.



“Svekets Prins”:

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