Hear Dark Tranquillity’s new song “Identical to None”

Their new album ‘Moment’ is out next month.

Dark Tranquillity continue to tease their 12th studio album Moment with the fresh single “Identical to None.”

“I see a dissonant figure / Rise up,” commands frontman Mikael Stanne on the thumping melodic death metal track, before continuing, “What are you in the eyes of strangers? You are identical to none / Why this disparity of thoughts? When you are identical to none.”

For the new record, the Swedish veterans welcomed two new guitarists: Christopher Amott (formerly of Arch Enemy) and Johan Reinholdz (Nonexist). In a recent vlog from the studio, Stanne explained the two axemen’s different guitar setups and said Dark Tranquillity had been “experimenting a lot but going with their signature styles and signature guitars, but using different amps and models to make for a diverse sound.”


Moment comes four years since the band’s last record, Atoma, and will arrive on Nuclear Blast on November 20. Hear “Identical to None” below:

And watch the latest studio vlog from the band here:


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