Hear Baroness’ mighty new album, ‘Gold & Grey,’ now

The curtains fall on a colorful era.

It’s an end of an era for Baroness with the release of their fifth studio album, Gold & Grey, today. The 17-track record will be the Philadelphia band’s last color-themed LP, closing a series that began more than a decade ago with 2007’s The Red Album.

Even before its release, Gold & Grey commanded attention with singles like “Borderlines” and “Seasons,” songs that demonstrate how Baroness have significantly broadened their sonic palette.

“With this record, we were like, ‘Let’s use elements of conventional songwriting, but let’s also use elements of all the styles of music that we like throughout history,’” frontman John Dyer-Baizley told Decibel Magazine. “I mean that real broadly, like, ‘Let’s take the elements of metal that we like, let’s take the elements of black metal that we like––electronic music, jazz––you name it. But let’s re-contextualize it all.’”


Savor the various hues of Gold & Grey below:

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