Hear Astronoid’s new self-titled album now

The Boston band release their sophomore record.

Boston ‘dream thrash’ outfit Astronoid’s new self-titled album is out today.

Preceded by the thrilling single “I Dream in Lines,” the anthemic nine-track record comes after many big developments in the band members’ personal lives, as well as a difficult creative period struggling with the expectations set up by their acclaimed debut, Air.

“At the beginning, we were trying to outdo Air,” singer-guitarist Brett Boland said in a statement. “It took us about six months to get into the groove. We realized we didn’t have anything to prove, and we got back to writing for the personal fulfillment of it.”


“The [new] album encapsulates all the changes in our lives over the past couple of years,” he added. “Astronoid is a testament to who we are as people, the music that consumes us, and the love in our lives. These songs hold a special place in our hearts and we hope that others can find the same solace in them that we have.”

Stream the album below:


Astronoid is also available for purchase on Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want basis.

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