Hear a 15-year-old Lamb of God B-side

“Another Nail for Your Coffin” was originally left off ‘Ashes of the Wake.’

It’s an oldie but a goodie: Lamb of God have released “Another Nail for Your Coffin,” a track that was originally left off their 2004 album Ashes of the Wake.

“Sometimes the reason songs get left off really just comes down to a vote,” guitarist Mark Morton told Loudwire of its exclusion. “As I recall, there was some apprehension after I introduced that song, musically. The outro is this really soaring, kind of melodic, almost major-key piece. At the time, I think that some of the band members were a little apprehensive about stepping out of our lane to that degree.”

Completists might recall “Another Nail for Your Coffin” from the Japanese edition of Ashes of the Wake, as well as Lamb of God’s 2010 compilation Hourglass: The Anthology.


The song features on a new double vinyl re-release of Ashes of the Wake, which marks the album’s 15th anniversary. The reissue’s tracklist also includes pre-production demos of album cuts “Laid to Rest,” “Ashes of the Wake” and “Remorse for the Dead.”

Listen to the song below and head to Lamb of God’s site to purchase the vinyl re-release.

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