Haunt hold down the heavy metal fort with “Defender”

Get a load of those epic riffs.

Looking for bands playing old-school heavy metal in 2019? Look no further than Haunt, who’ve just released “Defender” from their forthcoming album, If Icarus Could Fly.

All galloping riffs and spiralling solos, “Defender” is exactly the kind of song you’d expect to hear soundtracking an epic battle, and is a fitting album closer.

The song’s “about the times we are on the edge of self-destruction,” frontman Trevor William Church (also of Beastmaker) told Decibel Magazine. “There hopefully is a friend to help pick you up. In this scenario, there is. Enjoy! Fight the good fight.”


If Icarus Could Fly is due out May 17 on Shadow Kingdom. Stream “Defender” below:

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