Greg Puciato releases solo album early after it leaked online

The Dillinger Escape Plan singer has put it up on Bandcamp ahead of schedule.

The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato has dropped his debut solo album Child Soldier: Creator of God three weeks early, after the LP leaked online.

The premature release was orchestrated as a response to an unnamed music reviewer leaking Puciato’s album, which was initially due for release on October 23. The vocalist acted quickly, taking just two days to rework the release roadmap in order to put the project out ahead of schedule. Now, fans are able to preorder the physical editions of the album via Puciato’s label Federal Prisoner and stream Child Soldier: Creator of God on Bandcamp.

In a message to fans on Federal Prisoner’s Facebook page, Puciato took a positive view of the situation. “You might think I’m bummed over this leak,” he wrote, “but honestly, it’s a relief to get this thing out into the world, and I’m happy to be in a position where we can pivot so quickly to make sure that the people who have paid for it are getting the highest quality version of the album right away.


“Really one of the perks of running your own thing, is that you can move and adapt quickly. Nothing would make me freak out harder than if this would have happened and left me stuck waiting for October 23rd to come, with some shitty stream rip of my record being all over the place for three weeks beforehand.”

Puciato had previewed the 15-track Child Soldier: Creator of God with “Deep Set” in May and “Do You Need Me to Remind You?” in July. Other songs on the record include the acoustic song “Heaven of Stone,” the explosive, visceral “Fire for Water” and the industrial “Fireflies.”

Listen to Child Soldier: Creator of God here:


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