Greenbeard pull no punches on “WCCQ”

A new song from the Texas stoner rock trio.

Texan trio Greenbeard are readying a short ’n’ sweet project for release next week, and they’ve released “WCCQ” to whet everyone’s appetite.

A five-minute slab of meaty and occasionally nimble riffs over a cymbal-heavy cacophony, “WCCQ” is one of three songs on the Onward, Pillager EP that drops December 22. It’s definitely a song that fans of early 2000s Queens of the Stone Age should check out.

Stream the song via Metal Injection here. Proceeds from Onward, Pillager will go towards funding Greenbeard’s 2019 full-length, so if you’d like to support them, you can pre-order the EP here.

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