Green Day drummer’s death metal side project drops new EP

That’s right, Tre Cool leads a band called Dead Mermaids.

Green Day have been laying pretty low since releasing their last album, Revolution Radio, in 2016. That downtime has allowed them to explore their other interests, as evidenced by this new EP from Dead Mermaids—aka drummer Tre Cool’s metal side project.

The band have been kicking it for a while—they debuted with a self-titled EP in 2014—and last week they dropped five new songs in the form of an EP titled You’re Welcome, Loudwire reported.

Cool leads the band as its vocalist, under the moniker Bjorn Roarkson, so if you live for the moments he’s taken the microphone from Billie Joe Armstrong, You’re Welcome is right up your alley.


But if you’re a devout adherent of Icelandic death metal, which they proclaim to play, you might want to give this one a miss: The EP sounds undoubtedly heavier than Green Day’s radio rock output, but with a joker like Cool for a frontman and song titles like “My Fish” and “Kill Eat Shit Repeat,” Dead Mermaids land firmly in the parody band category.

Listen to You’re Welcome below:


And check out some photos of Dead Mermaids’ performance at last weekend’s High Tide Beach Party in Huntington, California:

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