Gojira share fiery new song, “Another World”

It arrived alongside a ‘Planet of the Apes’-inspired visual.

French heavy metallers Gojira have returned with a timely new track, “Another World.”

According to a press release, “Another World” is a standalone single that was produced by lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Duplantier. Over crashing guitars and pummeling drums, the band wonder if humanity will prevail in spite of the world’s current circumstances.

“We mock and slaughter all the purest kinds / Blinded by the noise and maze, this flash in our eyes / Hope for the world but prepare for the worst / I’d rather find a way on my own,” Duplantier rages on the opening.

The song dropped alongside an animated video directed by Maxime Tiberhgien and Sylvain Favre. The Planet of the Apes-inspired clip follows a group of engineers as they build a spaceship that’ll take them to another world, away from their apocalyptic one. Eventually, they arrive on a new planet and—to their surprise—discover an alternate version of Earth.


Gojira’s last album Magma arrived in 2016. It earned the band two Grammy nominations, including Best Metal Performance and Best Rock Album. In 2018, they released a rare live studio recording of their 2015 hit, “Global Warming.”

Check out their video for “Another World” below:


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