Ghost pay glorious tribute to the ’80s in “Dance Macabre” MV

It’s time to party.

Ghost have released a video for “Dance Macabre” that shows everyone can and should indulge their cheesy ’80s nostalgia—even cultishly theatrical metalheads.

The visual for the Prequelle standout follows two would-be revelers who crash a party at a mansion, not knowing quite what they’ve gotten themselves into. Goths and ghouls abound, and everyone’s abided by an all-black leather and lace dress code. Also in attendance are ominous figures dressed as plague doctors, and a dance troupe that seems to have come straight out of Flashdance.

The video’s campy, bloody and a lot of fun—and it even fits seamlessly into the Swedish band’s uniquely Gothic universe. Check it out below:


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