Ghost continue their saga in new video for “Kiss the Go-Goat”

Get into Papa Nihil’s backstory.

Ghost have released a video for new song “Kiss the Go-Goat” that tells some of the backstory of Papa Nihil, one of the characters in the group’s extensive papal universe.

The new video continues the saga that the Swedish band began a year ago with the video for “New Blood.” This particular clip explains the checkered romantic history between the characters Sister Imperator and Papa Nihil, going back in time to the ’60s when Nihil was the charismatic frontman of a goth rock band.

“Kiss the Go-Goat” is a new song Ghost have released today as part of the 7-inch single Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, which Nihil holds up in the music video. It was accompanied by the B-side “Mary on a Cross.”


Watch the video below:

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