From First to Last are back with new song, “Surrender”

Sonny Moore’s put Skrillex on hold for a day.

Before he was one of the world’s biggest EDM superstars, Skrillex—aka Sonny Moore—was the frontman of alt-rock group From First to Last (They’re the band that soundtracked the teen angst of millions of us during the 2000s).

Since their lead singer took over the world of electronic music, the band have pressed on with a new vocalist. But now, they’ve gone back to their roots and teamed up with Moore on a new track called “Surrender.”

The song transports you back to the mid-noughties, an era when emo and pop punk were at their peak. And that’s a good thing. “Surrender” chugs along with an angsty energy, with Moore’s vocals as strong as it’s ever been.


There’s no news yet if “Surrender” is a one-off release or if it’s a preview of a forthcoming album. Either way, if Skrillex ever wants to press pause on his EDM career and give the rock frontman gig another go, we’d be all for it.

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