Foscor release new single, “Cançó de Mort”

The Catalonian metal band’s new album is out next month.

Catalonian metal band Foscor have unveiled “Cançó de Mort,” the final single from their sixth studio album, Els Sepulcres Blancs.

The track—whose title translates to “Death’s Song” from Catalan—features guest vocals from sG (Secrets of the Moon, Crone). On Facebook, Foscor described the track as “a sort of lullaby previous to entering into the world of dreams. A farewell tune when our weaknesses and threats around become stronger enough for defeating us.”

“Cançó de Mort” arrived with a music video that visualizes “dealing with our possible emotional death,” the band explained. “Nature, where we belong to, has the final word in an almost definitely broken social world we must keep dealing with.”


Els Sepulcres Blancs, which also features “Cel Rogent,” arrives September 6 via Season of Mist. Watch the “Cançó de Mort” video below:

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