Five Finger Death Punch tease album with new single, “Inside Out”

Their eighth studio album, ‘F8,’ arrives early next year.

Five Finger Death Punch have unveiled “Inside Out,” a preview of their forthcoming album, F8.

On the track, frontman Ivan Moody roars over pummeling guitar riffs and fiery drum beats. “I stand alone, guess I knew it all along / Yes I knew that you were wrong / How you left when I was down / I want you to say, ‘It was never really me’ / You just turned and walked away / How you turned me inside out,” he sings.

“We had an extremely successful, yet tumultuous couple of years as a band,” guitarist Zoltan Bathory shared in a statement. “We didn’t just weather the storm but came out on the other side better than ever. [F8] was a focused sober group recording, our most important album to date and without a question it shows.”

F8 will be the band’s first full-length without founding member Jeremy Spencer, who left the band late last year. The record, the follow-up to 2018’s And Justice for None, is due out February 28, 2020.


Listen to “Inside Out” here:


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