Eyehategod call out injustice on “High Risk Trigger”

The first taste of ‘A History of Nomadic Behavior.’

New Orleans’ Eyehategod are back with a fiery new song, “High Risk Trigger.”

The track achieves a grungy ’90s sound through fuzzed out, sludgy guitars and Mike Williams’ howling vocals. The song calls for listeners to “destroy the USA,” while calling out the country’s systemic injustices such as police brutality.

“We’re not a political band, but it was hard not to be affected by the news from the past year,” Williams said in a statement. “During this recording, I thought a lot about how stupid humanity has become and how America is now completely divided with these people who don’t believe in science and blindly follow liars and nonsensical ideologies. Some of those feelings may have found their way into these songs, but it is mostly subliminal.”


“High Risk Trigger” is the first taste of the group’s forthcoming album, A History of Nomadic Behavior. The record, their first since their eponymous 2014 LP, will be released on March 12, 2021.

Listen to “High Risk Trigger” below:

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