Exhumed preview new concept album with “Ravenous Cadavers”

‘Horror’ is a macabre musical melodrama.

Death metal veterans Exhumed have returned with “Ravenous Cadavers,” the first taste of their straightforwardly titled new record, Horror.

The fast-paced romp of a track tells a macabre tale of “re-animated cannibals” who “return to life to fucking kill.” It’s a bracing introduction to Horror, which is Exhumed’s sixth studio record but their first concept album. Set in the late 1820s in Edinburgh, Scotland, the narrative centers on a series of gruesome murders and body-snatching.

Horror is also Exhumed’s first album with guitarist Sebastian Phillips, who replaced Bud Burke last year. The LP arrives October 4 via Relapse Records.


Hear “Ravenous Cadavers” below:

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