Epica unleash feral video for “Freedom – The Wolves Within”

A cut off their upcoming 2021 record, ‘Omega.’

Dutch symphonic metal band Epica have released a video for their track “Freedom – The Wolves Within,” the second single from their forthcoming album Omega.

The song and its accompanying animated visual are based on the Two Wolves story, a popular legend where an old man explains man’s internal struggle between virtue and vice to his grandson. He compares man’s competing impulses toward good and evil to a battle between two wolves; when the boy asks which will win, he simply says, ‘The one you feed the most.’ The video depicts a man battling masked adversaries alongside scenes of the aforementioned two wolves hunting each other.

Speaking about the video and its meaning, guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen mused: “What we want to be and what we want to reflect on the world around us depends on which wolf we feed and also the degree of control we have over our inner wolves. Will we manage to control them or will they control us?”


Jansen also commented on the upcoming LP, stating “I am very proud of this album, as I am convinced we have written a very refreshing and well-balanced album even after so many years of existence.”

Omega is due out on February 26 next year. While you wait, feed your wolves with the video for “Freedom – The Wolves Within” below:

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