Emma Ruth Rundle, Thou’s collaborative album is here

Listen to ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ now.

Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou have released their collaborative album May Our Chambers Be Full.

The seven-track album, which was previewed with “Ancestral Recall” and closing track “The Valley,” began as a live collaboration commissioned by long-running metal and underground music festival Roadburn. As artist residents, Rundle and Thou performed most of the record live at last year’s edition of the Netherlands festival.

The songs came together over an intense few days of hours-long sessions, Rundle recalled to Kerrang!. “Other bands I’ve been in it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s practice,’ and it’s four hours max, but this project it was all day.” Thou guitarist Andy Gibbs added, “Not only are we all in the room for seven hours, but we’re also trying to work on a song and everyone has an opinion on it.”


The dark, heavy record allowed Rundle and Thou to stretch themselves, they said. “I think it gave me permission to step out a little bit in terms of what sound I would bring to Thou moving forward,” Gibbs told Kerrang!. “It gave me some permission to show up with stuff that isn’t just crushing and 13-minute slogs that are hard to listen to.”

Stream May Our Chambers Be Full here:

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