Emma Ruth Rundle, Thou unveil ‘The Helm of Sorrow’

The companion EP to 2020’s ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ has arrived.

Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou have followed up their 2020 album May Our Chambers Be Full with their new EP The Helm of Sorrow.

These four tracks were B-sides initially included in the diehard edition of May Our Chambers Be Full. Rundle and Thou announced the project last month with a cover of the Cranberries’ haunting hit “Hollywood,” a standout cut on the EP thanks to its punishing guitars and the monstrous screams that back Rundle’s vocals.

Across the rest of the EP, Thou and Rundle offer a diverse set of tracks that take the band’s sound in unique directions. Opening track “Orphan Limbs” crawls along before exploding at its demise, while “Crone Dance” inverts that progression immediately afterwards. The Helm of Sorrow serves as a victory lap for Rundle and Thou, who showcase just how fruitful their collaboration has been on the EP.


Rundle recently teased in a now-deleted Instagram post that she is in the midst of working on a stripped-down solo album with returning producer Sonny Diperri. The new LP is expected to arrive at some point this year via Sargent House.

Listen to The Helm of Sorrow below:

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