Earth’s doom merchant Dylan Carlson shares new track

On “When the Horses were Shorn of Their Hooves,” the doom metal vet proves all he really needs is one very angry guitar.

Dylan Carlson, founder of the seminal drone metal band Earth, dropped a new, doom-laden track earlier this week.

“When the Horses were Shorn of Their Hooves” is, thankfully, not as unwieldy as its title. Most of the six-minute track is led by a solo guitar, at once massive and minimal, with no rhythm section to take away from Carlson’s hypnotic six-string work. And the former roommate of Kurt Cobain manages to conjure the sludgiest, nastiest riffs this side of modern metal.

The track joins other solo guitar compositions on Conquistador, Carlson’s album that arrives on April 27. Listen to “When the Horses were Shorn of Their Hooves” here:


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