Earth go slow on “Cats on the Briar”

The drone metallers are back.

Drone metal pioneers Earth will return this year with a new album, Full Upon Her Burning Lips. Its first single, “Cats on the Briar,” is out now.

“Cats on the Briar” goes low and slow, with hypnotic riffs and a brief but satisfying solo at the end. It was the first song written for the album, and was inspired by a vision of frontman Dylan Carlson’s wife Holly “dancing through a desert landscape, filled with dangerous flora and fauna,” he told Consequence of Sound, which premiered the track.

“[The song] contains some of my favorite melodic embellishments,” he added. “I’m proud of the succinct solo at the end (all of which were developed during the recording, ‘off the cuff,’ so to speak).”


Full Upon Her Burning Lips, which comes five years after Earth’s last full-length, is due out May 24 on Sargent House. Listen to “Cats on the Briar” below:

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