Domkraft embrace classic rock on “The Watchers”

The Swedish doom metal trio switch things up a little.

Domkraft have unveiled an epic new song, “The Watchers.”

This is the first track off the Swedish trio’s upcoming sophomore album, Flood, which could double as a soundtrack to Armageddon, as its Bandcamp page explains. Not surprising coming from a doom metal band whose name combines the Swedish words for judgment (“dom”) and power (“kraft”).

“[The song] has a rather traditional solo, so I guess you could say this is our take at a classic rock song,” the band told Metal Injection. “It is neither the most representative track off the album nor the least, but definitely a Domkraft cut.”


On the lyrical end of things, Domkraft were inspired by their experiences covering Pink Floyd for their label Magnetic Eye Records’ upcoming tribute records, The Wall (Redux) and Best of Pink Floyd (Redux). The New York label has also roped in the likes of Mark Lanegan, The Melvins and Pallbearer.

Flood is out October 19 on Magnetic Eye Records. Listen to “The Watchers” below:

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