Disturbed want to start an uprising in new song, “Are You Ready?”

    It’s the lead single off their new LP, ‘Evolution.’

    Image: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

    Earlier this month, Disturbed asked fans to vote for the upcoming single on their forthcoming album, Evolution. And it looks like the results are in: “Are You Ready?” is the Chicago-based outfit’s latest song.

    The track is a chaotic anthem that hears the group demanding a revolution. “No they can’t control you / Once you’ve broken away / They’re done patrolling your mind / When they’re searching for you, they will find / A force they aren’t ready for,” frontman David Draiman roars over the hard-hitting melody.

    “The record showcases the most adventurous and eclectic combination of musical styles and moods that we’ve ever attempted in our careers,” the band stated in a press release. “Each song truly has its own identity, feel, and power.”

    The drop was accompanied by a dystopian visual that features a society obsessed with the internet (although the plot seems eerily similar to real life…). Oh, expect tons of laser-blasting androids, too.

    Watch it below: