Disturbed tease behind-the-scenes studio footage

Could this one-minute clip be the first taste of the metal band's upcoming album?

A new full-length album from Disturbed? Yes, please.

It’s been a few years since the heavy metal heavyweights came out of hiatus to drop Immortalized, their incredible seventh album. And while the Chicago natives have been well and truly busy since (an acoustic EP is also on the way), there hasn’t been much noise around their next full-length—if one’s even coming.

And then, on Friday, the band shared a minute-long clip of them in the studio, working on what could be an upcoming album.


All the best bits of Disturbed’s distinct sound are there—like David Draiman’s killer vocals and Dan Donegan’s snarling guitars. While we don’t get a full track (or even a title), the video does hint at what’s to come.

“We have this idea of disconnect, how technology has consumed us,” Draiman said in the clip. “We’re stuck with our faces in our phones and not enjoying the real world.”

Well, bury your nose in your phone for just a minute more when you check out the video here:


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