Did Axl Rose tease a new song in ‘Looney Tunes’?

It seems like it.

Here’s an interesting news bite: Axl Rose allegedly teased a new song in a recent episode of the New Looney Tunes.

The segment opens with a cartoon version of the GNR frontman asking Bugs Bunny and co for directions to the local civic center, informing them about an upcoming show with his band, Steel Underpants. But his plans are scuppered when the characters warn him of an impending asteroid apocalypse.

All is not lost, however, as the troupe come up with an unlikely solution: play rock music through Axl’s large speakers to blow up the asteroid. Backed by the other characters, the singer bellows the aptly named tune, “Rock the Rock.”


Though we aren’t certain if Axl did indeed voice the character himself, the tune’s vocals do resemble his distinct tenor. It’s also worth noting that GNR used the Looney Tunes theme song as a concert opener during their recent Not in This Lifetime tour—make what you will of that.

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