Demons rage against the system on “Lever”

A six-minute ripper from the Virginia band.

Virginia band Demons—led by Zach Gehring, whom you might know from Mae—are readying a new EP, Made in the USA. Before it drops on Friday, though, get a taste of the fire in store with “Lever.”

“Lever” rages righteously against an unjust, destructive system: Formidable vocalist Chris Mathews is positively incandescent with anger, while Gehring unleashes some thrillingly chaotic guitar work. The song coils and flexes over its six-minute runtime, landing in a sweet spot between hardcore, punk and sludge.

“We’re all cells inside of the ‘broken, rotten body,’” Mathews explained to Revolver. “Borrowing from James Baldwin, ‘Lever’ is about aggressively resisting the hands of the (in)justice system and striving for its undoing.”


Listen to “Lever” below:

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