Deftones announce new album with title track “Ohms”

They’ve finally announced the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Gore.’

Deftones have returned with “Ohms,” the title track of their ninth studio album.

The single—which also closes the LP—opens with a frantic riff before settling into brooding verses and uplifting choruses, distinguished by frontman Chino Moreno’s instantly recognizable voice.

“As the last song on the record, it’s kind of sung in retrospect—it’s looking back not just at the batch of songs that come before it, but our lives and our surroundings,” Moreno told NME. “The verses are reflecting, but the chorus kind of says, ‘Yes this, but this’—it’s saying that time will change with the decisions we make. It’s a question and an answer.”


“Ohms” arrived with a picturesque music video directed by rafatoon. Two mysterious characters clad in red and black travel across surrealist landscapes to meet, while glitchy footage of the band performing their new single cuts in sporadically.

Ohms, which will be the follow-up to Deftones’ 2016 album Gore, arrives on September 25 via Warner Records. Watch the video for the title track here:

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