Dee Snider announces live album with new song, “Prove Me Wrong”

The Twisted Sister frontman will soon release ‘For the Love of Metal Live.’

Dee Snider has announced a new live album, For the Love of Metal Live, with the fresh original track “Prove Me Wrong.”

“I wish they just would move on,” Snider growls on the bridge. “They had every chance to prove me wrong!” The song, the Twisted Sister frontman said in a statement, “captures a to-hell-with-the-haters mentality he’s had “since the day I began rocking.”

He added, “I had a monster chip on my shoulder and dared the world to knock it off… nobody ever could. At this point in my career I thought I’d let everybody in on what has kept be going all these many years. Prove me wrong!”

While “Prove Me Wrong” is a studio recording, the rest of For the Love of Metal Live captures festival performances Snider has staged in the US, Australia, Europe and more. It features renditions of solo tunes, Twisted Sister classics and even a cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” The record comes two years after Snider’s solo album For the Love of Metal, and another live record, SMF: Live in the USA.


In his statement accompanying the album’s announcement, Snider acknowledged that the coronavirus pandemic has curtailed most live entertainment, and called for fans to keep the faith as best they could. “We must keep our desire to see and hear the great new music out there in concert, because that’s its true habitat,” Snider said. “Bands on stage with fans cheering them on in the audience is the way the rock gods intended it to be.”

For the Love of Metal Live arrives July 31 on Napalm Records. Hear “Prove Me Wrong” below:


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