Death Ray Vision declare “We’re Done With You”

The side project of Killswitch Engage’s bassist and former guitarist.

Get ready to headbang to this one: It’s the new single from Death Ray Vision, “We’re Done With You.”

This ripper is a solid slice of thrash-influenced melodic hardcore, the first glimpse of Death Ray Vision’s forthcoming sophomore album, Negative Mental Attitude. It comes five years after their last full-length, We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’.

Death Ray Vision are best known as the side project of Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D’Antonio and former guitarist Pete Cortese, who also played together in the now-defunct Overcast. Sentinel drummer Colin Conway and former Chuggernaut vocalist Jeff Gard round out the line-up.


The band boast some real Boston metal and hardcore bona fides, but don’t expect chest-beating machismo. “There will always be speed and aggression in our formula, but instead of presenting a ‘tough guy’ demeanor, we break through that shell and expose the ‘tragic hero’ within,” Conway said in a statement.

Negative Mental Attitude is out November 23 on Bullet Tooth. Hear “We’re Done With You” below:

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