Death Angel drop new album, ‘Humanicide’

Their first full-length since 2016’s ‘The Evil Divide.’

Bay Area thrash metal band Death Angel have released their brand-new album, Humanicide.

The record opens with the dark and intense title track, and keeps its momentum throughout the LP’s 11-song tracklist, which culminates with “The Day I Walked Away.”

Humanicide is basically the self-extinction of the human race. It is very dark, in a kind of a dark time [with] the way that things are going around the world these days,” the band’s guitarist Rob Cavestany told United Rock Nations. “It’s no secret—all you have to do is turn on the news, go on social media, talk to somebody on the streets. You’ll see that there’s a bit of a problem going on between relations of humanity.”


Stream Humanicide here:

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