Deafheaven’s ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ is here

Indie rock and black metal collide on their new LP, which is full of experimental, enchanting sounds.

Deafheaven’s 2015 album New Burmuda may have polarized fans with its indie-flavored vibes. But the band have fully embraced the confusion on their Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, which marks a bold assertion by the metal band.

Featuring seven songs, the hour-long LP presents a collection of experimental sounds that introduces a heavy dose of piano, ambient tones and acoustic guitars to the usual metal offerings. It’s very much a musical journey that winds around all sorts of emotions, and it’s an album that begs to be listened to in order, and in full.

It opens with “You Without End,” a soulful, piano-led track punctuated by moments of black metal elements. The tracklist also includes Honeycomb and Canary Yellow,” which we’ve raved about previously. Infused with their new style, the two songs are perhaps the most conventional metal pieces on the album—a reminder of where the New Bermuda band’s heart still lies.  


Stream Deafheaven’s new album on Spotify:

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