Deafheaven share euphoric new song, “Canary Yellow”

It’s 12 minutes of cathartic bliss.

Metal act Deafheaven are ready to drop their fourth studio offering, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, on July 13. But before the band release the record in all its glory, they’ve shared a single to tease fans. And it’s an epic one.

Running for 12 minutes long, “Canary Yellow” melds shoegaze with heavy metal effortlessly, transitioning between blissful melodies and chugging riffs. The track starts off with a beautiful atmospheric tune that soars and swells before exploding into a colorful chaos of electric guitars, beastly drumming and George Clarke’s screaming.

“On and on, we choke on an everlasting / Handsome night / My lover’s blood rushes right through me / Wild, fantastic,” he howls.


Listen to it below:

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